Ar-Ray Single Monitor Arm

ar-ray single monitor stand
ar-ray single monitor arm
ar-ray single monitor arm
ar-ray single monitor arm
ar-ray single monitor arm

The Ar-Ray Single Monitor Arm is a modern cost efficient design packed full of features to dramatically increase your work surface by creating flexibility and comfort in the workspace.  Push button Height control, 360 degree arm rotation, full screen maneuverability with 180 degree rotation and tilt control.


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The Ar-Ray Monitor Arm features a user friendly push button height adjustment which allows user to quickly adjust screen/s to the desired height with minimal effort. The The simple quick release feature aids in fitting screens and the 180 degree knuckle joint provides instant movement between landscape and portrait views.  The Ar-Ray Monitor Arm is constructed from extruded and powder coated aluminum, injection moulded reinforced nylon and engineered internal components.

Easy to use height adjustment
The Ar-ray Monitor Arm has a user friendly push button height adjustment system which enables users to adjust the screen height with minimal effort.

Quick release Screen and 180 Knuckle
The Ar-ray Quick release system allows the monitor to be attached ordetached with the touch of a lever. The 180 degree knuckle joint makes screen movement simple between landscape and portrait views.

Superior Cable Management
The Ar-ray Monitor Arm has built in easy to use cable management via clip on/off covers to hide cables neatly away!

Screen Configurations
Single Arm
Single Laptop Mount Arm
Dual Arm
Dual Arm with 1 x Screen + 1 x Laptop Mount

Mounting Options
Split Clamp
Grommet Clamp

Height Adjustment from pole
Maximum Screen Weight per Arm
Knuckle Rotation
360 degrees
Arm Rotation Around Pole
360 degrees
Vesa Rotation (Portrait to Landscape)
180 degrees
Knuckle Tilt Forwards (screen tilt)
45 degrees
Knuckle Tilt Backwards (screen tilt)
60 degrees

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