Humanscale Element Disc LED Task Light


Humanscale’s Element Disc task light brings together advanced technology and optimal functionality. An innovative and adjustable LED desk lamp, Element Disc complements any work space, home office or hospitality environment.

Using Thin Film LED Technology, Element Disc offers seven levels of brightness with just an effortless pinch of the light head. It also features an occupancy sensor that turns the unit on or off when the user enters or leaves the area.


  • Simply pick your colour, Silver Black or White the standard Desktop base sits on your Worktop.
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The Humanscale Element Disc Light uses advanced technology to deliver 330 lumens of lighting pleasure while using only a minimal 7 watts of power.

Disc provides brilliant, uniform light for up to 50,000 hours – or the equivalent of 25 years in an average work environment.

With a clever folding mechanism, Disc is as conveniently packaged as it is beautiful.

  • Revolutionary Thin Film LED Technology produces an ultra-wide footprint of glare-free light
  • PIR occupancy sensor automatically turns the unit off when not in use, and back on when the user returns
  • Dimmer switch provides seven adjustable illumination levels for energy efficiency and ergonomic function
  • Unique design maximises light output and increases the light’s usable life
  • Smart dimming memory saves the last selected lighting level, even after the light has been shut off
  • Even plane of illumination casts just one shadow
  • Perfect internal counterbalance provides effortless, one-touch positioning
  • Slender, futuristic form folds into a compact nesting position
  • Replaceable head assembly allows for in-field repairs
  • Universal power supply and interchangeable plug options accommodate global power outlets
  • Sustainable design can contribute to the achievement of valuable LEED credits


  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours (L70)
  • Colour Temperature: 3000K
  • Colour Rendering Index: 80
  • Power consumption: 7 watts
  • Lumen Output: 330 Lumens


  • Maximum reach: 71cm
  • Working height: 45.5cm
  • 360° swivel from base


Element Classic and 790

We work hard to make sure our environmental philosophy is reflected in each product we create. With our Design for Environment protocol, our designers and engineers examine the environmental impacts of every choice made throughout the design process–from initial concept through final production. We invite you to read more

A selection of sustainability highlights for Element Light Ranges

  • Recycled content: 56% post-consumer
  • Both task lights consume just six watts of power to produce incandescent lighting levels
  • Designed for easy disassembly with clear recycling instructions
  • Shipped in packaging that contains recycled content
  • ANSI/BIFMA level® 1 certified.
  • Learn more about how we work to extend the life of our products through both design and engineering so they won’t need to be replaced often
  • Our Close the Loop program ensures every product ends its useful life with the minimum environmental impact


White with Silver Accents



Manufacturers Warranty 5-years, 24/7

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