KP Back Companion

KP Back Companion Back Lumbar Support

The Kp Back Companion is a simple Mesh Back support with a generous curve to help support the Lumbar Region. It allows the body to Breathe due to its mesh design and has an elastic strap to hold it in place. It is easily transferrable from Seat to Seat around the office, or from the Car to Home use.




The KP Back Companion can help alleviate the symptoms of back problems by providing additional Lumbar support to existing seating fixtures. Simply add it to an existing chair to create an increased Lumbar Curve.
Suitable for adding to office seating to enhance existing lumbar support.
Ideal for travelling in the Car, Bus, Plane or Train.
Improves Posture while working, watching TV, Reading or relaxing.
Improves comfort and increases Air Circulation while seated.

Naturally supports the contours of your back
Elastic securing strap
Lightweight, durable and easy to carry at only 700gm
Rigid covered metal frame
Aerated for use in all climates
Quality reinforced mesh fabric
Fits most vehicle seats and office / home chairs
2 year warranty

Size: 47 x 50 x 11cm

Colours: Black

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