Mono Executive Chair

Mono Executive Chair, mono executive chair white shell
Mono Executive Chair, mono executive chair no arm
mono side no arm, mono executive chair
Mono Executive Chair, Mono Executive Chair side
Mono Executive Chair

Mono has been specifically designed to complement the human form. There have been a range of functional options included in this chair to make it the most comfortable, functional chair for your specific work environment.


SKU: 361.

The Mono Executive Chair is standard with a High Back, the chair can be upholstered in any Fabric, the chair is optionable with Adjustable arms, polished 5 star base and can have the Ergosoft seat fitted. The rear shell of the Chair can be in Black or White.

High Back
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Synchronised Mechanism
Seat Slide
Seat Tilt
5 Star Black base

Height Adjustable Arms
Polished 5 Star base



Back Height   645mm
Seat Height   440mm – 530mm
Seat Width   460mm
Height adjustable arms   625mm-720mm
Seat Depth   450mm


Mono pic
1) Gas Lift- Seat height adjustment: Establish the right seating height with both the hips and knees comfortable at right angles. To increase the seat height, lift your weight from the seat and pull the lever under the right side of the seat up. To make the chair decrease in height use your body weight, by sitting in the chair at the same time as pulling the lever up. Always release the lever to lock the chair into a comfortable height
2) Lateral Tension Control: Tension adjustable wheel Turn the tension adjustment wheel either clockwise or anticlockwise to increase or decrease the tension in the synchronised mechanism. This tension level affects the ease of adjustability in the seat and back position in accordance with your body weight.
3) Synchronised Mechanism: Release the lever under the left side of the seat to let the chair operate in free float mode, where the back and seat follow your body in unison. Alternatively, to keep the chair locked in position, release the lever, find the most comfortable position and return the lever to lock the seat and back into position.
4) Seat Slide Control: To adjust the seat depth, locate the seat slide button on the right hand side of the chair. Push this in to the desired position and release the button to lock the seat into place.
5) Height Adjustable arms: To adjust the height of the arms, locate the tabs under the arm and lift up and down.
6) Lumber slide adjustment: Locate the two tabs on either side of the chair back and lift up or down. You should feel more support in the curve of the back.

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