Muvman Sit Stand Chair

Aeris Muvman Titan Grey Sit Stand Perching Stool
Aeris Muvman Blue Sit Stand Perching Stool
Aeris Muvman Flexing Sit Stand Stool
Aeris Muvman Green Seat
Aeris Muvman Underneath Seat

The Muvman Sit Stand Chair is an active seating solution based around movement. The Muvman allows for a range of sitting heights with easy to use height adjustment buttons for use in retail, laboratories, medical practices and production areas. A productive working space seating solution that has been designed to be elegant and distinctive.


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SKU: 5250-BK/BK.

The Muvman is an active seat for standing/sitting and perching, designed by Aeris. With the capability to move when seated promotes increased health, and actively boosts productivity through an optimised movement orientated workplace configuration.

The Unique Movement of the Muvman is made possible by the patented muvzone, a movable joint in the baseplate of the Muvman. This adapts the tilt angle of the spring strut which automatically adjusts to the posture and movement of the user. With continuously adjustable height and an innovative seat featuring flexzone®technology for increased sitting comfort .


Vertical movement: No other standing/sitting seat gives such a variable range of height adjustment. This enables an optimum sitting posture at your desk as well as a back-relieving standing position. The vertical movement is the unique movement in the third dimension made possible by the sprung 3D technology from aeris. The vertical movement can be adjusted separately to suit each sitter’s weight. This relieves the intervertebral discs, stimulates the blood circulation and thus ensures optimum supply of oxygen to all parts of the body.

Flexible sideways movement: Harmonious 3D movements with a wide sideways reach increase the radius of action and optimise the natural posture at the same time. In addition, each change of position activates the blood circulation which in turn can increase the power of concentration.

Tilt: The 3D joint located close to the ground provides for a natural forward tilt of the chair as soon as the sitter makes a move towards the desk. The result: your back keeps straight, you breathe deeply and your blood circulation is stimulated.

Maximum sideways tilt 2-3°. Sideways movement of up to 15°



Extensive height adjustment range from 51cm to 84cm
Seat cover – 34 x 32cm
Controlled, smooth movement
4° tilt
Active pressure relief zones in the seat
Automatic seat return function
Stable baseplate with non-slip rim prevents accidental toppling & slipping
Easy touch buttons under the seat for right and left handers

Variable standing/sitting allows for longer and more productive work
Simple and intuitive handling
Strengthened core as a result of being in motion
Ownership of the latest trend in office decore’
Significant international design awards give you peace of mind

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