Orthotilt Reading & Writing Slope Small

In addition, if you are also involved in drafting or writing, you will find this product invaluable. it is strong and sturdy and feels similar to writing on a solid desk.

The Orthotilt Reading and Writing Slope can help to reduce neck pain associated with forward neck tilt and looking downwards  when reading, writing or reviewing documents on a flat table or desk.



SKU: 21-OT02.

Strong and sturdy the Orthotilt slope feels similar to writing on a solid desk and can handle large folders and heavy books that light weight document holders cant. Perfect for drafting, writing, drawing or simply reading books or documents.

Angle Adjustable – Ratchet System
Adjustable Page Holder
Heavy Duty Usage
Sheet Capacity (Pages) 300
Options Include: Small Board, Medium Board, Large Board,
Lap Top Holder (Accepts any size laptop),
Standing Frame

Orthotilt Small Size
40cm Wide x 40cm High

Double A4 size

Adjustable Page Holder
Heavy Duty Usage
Angle Adjustable

Product Composition:
Heavy Duty
Ratchet System
Timber Laminate

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