QuickShift Workstation

Elevar-Quickshift-White Single

The QuickShift Workstation is a compact height adjustable standing desk that sits on your existing desktop.

The QuickShift Workstation is a simple, cost effective sit to stand solution that suits any office and desktop. With a small footprint the QuickShift creates all the benefits of sitting and standing at your desk without the inconvenience of losing working desk space.


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  • Start by selecting your Workstation Colour - then your monitor mounting option. Either freestanding screen or laptop or add a Single or Dual Monitor Arm. If you have Heavier Monitors check out the MaxiShift Workstation.
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Lockable at any height the QuickShift’s gas assisted height adjustment system allows the user to effortlessly adjust the unit from sitting to comfortable standing heights.
The keyboard tray can be off set left or right to give the user more ‘mouse space’ and allow left and right hand users to be centred to the screen.

The QuickShift is perfect for a laptop or a single screen/monitor with stand sitting on the QuickShift’s work surface. The QuickShift is also optional with a Grommet Mounted Single or Dual Monitor Arm.

Available in black or white finish, the QuickShift creates an increase in productivity for staff members, increased personal energy levels and overall mental and physical fitness, all within an affordable budget.

Manufacturers Warranty: 2 Years

Colours: Black or White

Options: Grommet Mounted Single or Dual Monitor Arm

Height Range, Work Surface Above existing Desk: 155mm – 578mm

Height Range, Keyboard Tray Above existing Desk: 18mm – 441mm

Work Surface Dimensions: 600mm x 400mm

Keyboard Tray Dimensions: 680 x 250mm

Keyboard Tray Offset: Yes, Left or Right Offset

Max Weight: 10kg

Max Screen Weight with Single Mounted Arm: 6kg

Max Screen Weight with Dual Mounted Arm: 2 x 3 kg screens

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