Seated Saddle


The Seated Saddle chair is designed to assist the user to maintain an upright posture when seated. The comfortable Saddle places the user in an open turned out hip posture and the user weight bears through the feet and bottom. The Saddle is available with or without backrest for extra lumbar support.


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SKU: 27-OBTS23.

When using the Seated Saddle the Feet are placed flat on the floor at a greater width than conventional seating. The majority of weight is taken through the legs and feet; stabilising the upper body and some weight through the buttocks. The pelvis is held securely in a natural position allowing you to sit slightly higher.

The Seated Saddle Seat is fully adjustable. The seat pan can be angle adjusted for tilt as well as height adjusted. The saddle itself is elongated and minimises discomfort sometimes associated with a “new” sitting position



Seat Height 560mm – 750mm
Seat Depth 400m
Adjustable Height & Angle
Optional Back Rest
Seat Tilt only
Weight Rating 100 kg
Warranty 3 Years

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