Sit Go Executive Chair

Sit Go Executive Chair angle
Sit Go Executive Chair Arms
Sit Go Executive Chair No Arms Side View

The Sit Go Executive Chair features a stunningly smooth Synchronised tilt mechanism with an impressive independent forward seat tilt feature that can be engaged anywhere throughout the swing motion. This gives it a high level of independent adjustment and comfort.


SKU: 941.

The Sit Go Executive Chair is standard with a Ratchet Height Adjustable back and Seat slide and features a synchro mechanism with an independent forward Seat tilt.

It is standard with a Black 5 Star base but can be optioned with Height and Width Adjustable Arms and a Polished Alloy Base.

7 Year Warranty

AFRDI Lv6 & GREEN certified

Back Height 645mm
Seat Height 440mm – 530mm
Seat Width 460mm
Seat Depth 450mm – 500mm (Seat Slide)
Seat Width with width and height adjustable arms 625mm-720mm

Mechanism Synchronised
Base Five Star Black
Castors Twin Wheel Hooded
Adjustable Back Ratchet

In today’s work environment many hours are spent sitting, usually in front of
a computer. The physical impact of sitting so much is high and is greatly
influenced by what or sitting posture is like. Areas that are particularly
susceptible to pain from sitting incorrectly are the neck, shoulders, back
and upper thighs. Through using the right equipment correctly adjusted we
can greatly increase our comfort and productivity.

Sit Go Chair operating Instructions
Seat height adjustment Establish the right seating height with both the hips
and knees comfortable at right angles. To increase the seat height, lift your
weight from the seat and pull the lever under the right side of the seat up.
To make the chair decrease in height use your body weight, by sitting in the
chair at the same time as pulling the lever up. Always release the lever to
lock the chair into a comfortable height
Tension adjustable wheel Turn the tension adjustment wheel left or right to
increase or decrease the tension in the synchronised mechanism. This
tension level affects the ease of adjustability in the seat and back position in
accordance with your body weight.
Seat and back adjustment Release the lever under the left side of the seat
to let the chair operate in free float mode, where the back and seat follow
your body in unison. Alternatively, to keep the chair locked in position,
release the lever, find the most comfortable position and return the lever to
lock the seat and back into position.
Height adjustable back The back height is adjusted via a ratchet
mechanism that is built into the back. Use both hands on either side of the
back and lift upwards to increase the back height. There are 3 locking
positions. To lower you must lift it to the highest position which will cause it to
release back to the lowest, starting position
5 Degree Forward Tilt Locate the lever at the back left hand side of the
chair. Push in and allow the seat to angle forward. Release lever to lock in
Seat Depth Control To adjust the seat depth, locate the seat slide button on
the right hand side of the chair. Push this in to the desired position and
release the button to lock the seat into place.

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