Therapod Contemporary

Therapod Contempory Chair

The Therapod Contempory Belongs to a family of chairs Regarded as the “Worlds Most Adjustable Chair” including the unique Therapod posture support system involving adjustable back strapping at 3 heights Saccral, Lumbar and Mid Thoracic.

The Contempory chair is the larger Back Size and is optionable with an adjustable Head rest.


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SKU: 27-55W01E3L.

Therapod chairs have been designed in Australia to be one of the most adjustable chairs on the market with an emphasis on providing full contact back support in all areas of the Back.

Contained within each Therapod chair is the Therapod posture support system involving adjustable back strapping that maintains full support of the back, throughout seated motion. The upper strap provides support to the mid thoracic region. The central strap provides lumbar support in the arch of the back and the lower strap supports the sacrum. The shape of the Therapod back rest follows the shape of the human form and cradles the user while seated.

The Therapod is highly dynamic, allowing for flex and motion due to its internal shell and strapping system. This means that the chair can move with the user while performing daily seated tasks providing optimum comfort and support.


Seat Height: 485mm to 620mm
Bodyform VTEQ Seat: Width x Depth: 525mm x 490mm

Gel-Teq Large Seat: Width x Depth: 520mm x 480mm
Back height : 610mm to 680mm
Arm Height: 190mm to 260mm

Six Star Base
Maximum Weight Rating: 130kg
Manufacturers Chair Warranty: 10 Years


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