Vu Ryser Monitor Riser 50mm

Vu Ryser Monitor Riser 50mm
Vu Ryser Monitor Riser 50mm

The 50mm Vu Ryser Monitor riser is a simple and stylish compact Square Design finished in Black Plastic. The Modular design enables stacking and the unit can be combined with itself or 25mm Vu Ryser monitor riser to stack to any required height.

Easy stacking Vu Ryser’s enable you to easily adjust any monitors height. Working on a Mopnitor that is too low can lead to shoulder and neck pain. It only takes a few seconds to stack your Vu Ryser’s to the desired height and to be working more comfortably.



SKU: VUR4855.

Vu Rysers enable to easily adjust your Monitor to the correct height in increments of 50mm or 25mm.

Most ergonomic specialists and Rehab professionals recommend the following positioning of your monitor. Eye level should be in line with the top 3rd of the screen. The user should be able to look at the top of the screen and the bottom of the screen with a flick of the eyes upward or downward, without excessive head movement. Incorrect monitor height causes forward or rearward head tilt. This keeps the neck muscles working over time, and causes pain and stiffness.

The most common complaint is that monitors are too low. creating forward head tilt, a forward body posture resulting in a C curve and increased stress on the neck and Lumbar regions. Prevent this poor posture by using VuRysers today!

Vu Ryser Modular Stacking Riser
Weight Capacity: Supports monitors up to 56.5 kg
Platform Height: Raises in 50 mm increments
Platform Size: 290 mm x 290 mm
Features: Has storage compartments for paper, files etc.
Colour: Black

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