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The importance of the right Office Chair:

Choosing the right office chair is very important to provide the comfort you need for long days of work while seated and preventing health issues such as a bad back. You should never overlook the need for ergonomics when selecting a chair, whether you are looking at executive chair ranges, task chairs for office seating or a comfortable chair for the home office. After all, you are spending up to 8 hours, or more seated every working day in your chair.

It needs to meet you or your staff’s ergonomic needs and comfort. It is commonly known that poor office furniture lacking in ergonomic design, can contribute to user body pain and can cause or contribute to ongoing back pain. Working under pain is one of the major factors that can affect productivity during the day.

Types of Office Chair:

There are several types of office chairs that Seated ships throughout Australia from their local warehouses:

Ergonomic Chairs are mostly tasked based seating for the office and are essential to prevent you from contributing to health issues while seated, like preventing the occasional little pain that affects you at work. You can find Meeting, Visitor and Client Chairs for fitting out your Office, Boardroom chairs for the Boardroom and Soft Seating for Reception and Breakout spaces. Seated specialises in providing Herman Miller Chairs that are well known for their quality and excellence.

Why buy on Seated Australia:

The Seated team have been working in the office and home Seating industry for over 20 years. We have been providing design based, ergonomic and stylish office chairs nationally to leading companies in the Australian Market. We work closely with the best Australian based furniture manufacturers and internationally renowned brands to have a wide range of chairs at competitive prices.

Get the Right Advice:

From large projects to individual requests our physiotherapist trained seating specialists can visit you onsite, at work now. Visit our Contact Us page and request a quote, or try our Chair Selector to find an office chair perfectly suited to you.
Our 1-week trials are offered with no obligation. For our most popular chair ranges we can provide “New to trial chairs” in standard black fabric that can remain onsite if successful.
Limited or specialist ranges can also be trialled for one week, then if successful these can be made to order.

Call us today on 02 9331 7747 and let us make sure everyone is happily Seated.