Bakhita Stacking Stool

Bakhita StoolBakhita Stool WhiteBakhita StoolBakhita Stool Black
Bakhita Stool
Bakhita Stool White
Bakhita Stool
Bakhita Stool Black
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Stool Height

660 Stool Height, 760 Stool Height

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The Italian designed Bakhita Stool is formed as a one piece techno -polymer frame and shell, making it tough strong and durable making it perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. Bakhita makes it easy for people to pull up a chair and have a chat, lunch or even a learning experience.

Stackable 5 High on the floor.

Available in 2 seat heights, 66cm and 76cm

Also available is the matching Bakhita Chair.