Evoluent Reduced Reach Right Handed Keyboard


The Evoluent Reduced Reach Right Handed keyboard moves the numeric keypad to the left side,  providing more room for right handed mousing on the right.  full featured full sized keyboard with numberpad that enables a more ergonomic posture with less external rotation at the shoulder joint.

PHYSIO TIP: This keyboard is a great choice for Right Hand mousers that suffer from Right shoulder pain when mousing. The keypads positioning to the left side enables the mouse to sit in closer on the Right side allowing the Right arm to stay in line and avoid excessive external rotation.



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The Evoluent Reduced Reach Right Handed Keyboard has an innovative solution for shoulder pain sufferers by positioning the numeric keypad on the left, this brings your mouse much closer on the right, allowing  your mouse to be directly in front of your shoulder.

An ordinary full sized keyboard has a numeric keypad where the mouse should be! This means your mouse is positioned too far away to the right. This forces your arm to stretch outward to reach the mouse, creating external rotation at the shoulder joint. Which can lead to injury an stress.

Ergonomic: numeric on the left side, results in more space for using the mouse on the right side

Better balanced: equally balanced of left and right arm

Touch: Tactile bumps on often used keys such as Ctrl, Del, Home, Page Down, and down arrow to aid operation by touch, full size arrows, Del, F keys, Ctrl, Alt, Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys

Shortcuts: The Evoluent keyboard has dedicated Windows shortcut keys that are accessed with one touch.

Quality: Impressive scissor key mechanisms with crisp action and no key cap wobble

Handy: frequently used keys as PageUp, PageDown, Home, End and the arrow keys are both on left as on the right side of the keyboard

Thin: only 17 mm thickness on all sides

Width: 403 mm
Height: 20 mm
Depth: 171 mm
Weight: 704 gr

USB port required. Does not work in PS2 port
Windows, Unix, Linux and others that recognize the Num Lock key.
Not compatible with Mac.
The top row of shortcut keys only work in Windows.
No driver download necessary.

Colour: Black

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