Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 Bluetooth for Mac


Evoluent Vertical Mouse for Mac vm4RB-medevoluent-4-bluetooth for mac SmallEvoluent_VM4RB_Vertical_Mouse_4_Right_Bluetooth_Mouseevoluent-verticalmouse-4 BLuetooth for macevoluent-4-bluetooth for Mac
Evoluent Vertical Mouse for Mac vm4RB-med
evoluent-4-bluetooth for mac Small
evoluent-verticalmouse-4 BLuetooth for mac
evoluent-4-bluetooth for Mac

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The Evoluent™ VerticalMouse™ 4 Bluetooth for Mac is the latest update of this Vertical Mouse made especially for the Mac. The hand grip has been reworked to be even more comfortable. The Vertical positioning of the mouse means the hand grips the mouse in the hand shake position, a much more natural and relaxed posture. This avoids pronation of the forearm and can reduce occurrence of shoulder elbow and wrist symptoms that occur when mousing. The Mouse features 3 Clickable finger buttons and a clickable Scroll wheel along with 2 Thumb clickable buttons. The new Mac Driver allows you to program the buttons for your needs!

PHYSIO TIP: Vertical Mice are fantastic for people who suffer from medial elbow pain and forearm pain. The handshake position is more comfortable and eliminates compression in the elbow joint. The hands upright positioning can also eliminate "broken wrists"excess flexion or extension at the wrist joint.