Herman Miller Aeron Chair Remastered Polished Aluminium


Herman Miller Aeron Remastered Polished ChassisHerman Miller Aeron Remastered Polished ChassisZuckerberg uses Herman Miller
Herman Miller Aeron Remastered Polished Chassis
Herman Miller Aeron Remastered Polished Chassis
Zuckerberg uses Herman Miller


Aeron Chair Size

A Size (Small), B Size (Medium), C Size (Large)

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Find out why the Aeron is the preferred task chair for companies around the world.

The Herman Miller Aeron remastered chair is readily available fully specified in the Graphite Mesh, Polished Aluminum Chassis & 5 star base option in sizes B and C. (Stocking delays may apply if sold out).

Polished Aluminum Aeron remastered in Size A is imported to order with a lead time of approx 14+ weeks.

SEATED is only licensed to sell the Herman Miller® Chair range in NSW.

Aeron B Polished Aeron in Stock! – very limited  numbers available.

Aeron C Polished Aeron in Stock!  – very limited numbers available.

Dont miss out – Order & Reserve your chair now!

Aeron A Polished is imported to order and has a lead time of 12 weeks.


SEATED is only licensed to sell the HermanMiller® Chair range in NSW.

This chair has stood the test of time. It is still one of the best chairs you can buy for any function.

According to Wikipedia – the Herman Miller Aeron has been called “America’s best-selling chair” (as of 2010) and is featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. As of 2016 Herman Miller had sold nearly 7 million units, and more than a million chairs are produced every year.

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