Imprint DUO Medium Back Chair

mprint DUO medium back side
Imprint DUO medium back arms
Imprint DUO medium back

The Seated Imprint DUO Range, exclusive to Seated sits alone in its class of ergonomic task chairs. Not only does it offer a unique Dual Density Split  Seat, the backrest with added Lumbar and lateral support also offers a layer of Imprint Memory Active foam, which moulds to your back shape, giving you an individual supportive fit every time!

Imprint DUO Medium Back Shape measures  410mm Wide x 400mm High

The Imprint Duo chair has superb Lumbar support Built in, for those requiring extra lumbar support or the ability to adjust the lumbar support level daily, your Imprint chair can be optioned with a Lumbar AIR pump. This is mounted under the seat and is hand operated.



  • The Imprint DUO Range is standard with Extra Lumbar and Lateral Support with a moulding layer of Memory foam in the Backrest and a Dual Density Seat, choose your seat size, colourways and options from below.
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The Imprint DUO Medium Back chair has an Oval back with extra lumbar and lateral support, the imprint memory foam layer gives you a unique supportive hug and moulding sensation that creates an individual back fit for each user. The Medium back shape is suited to all users, especially those requiring excellent lumbar to mid back support.

DUO Dual Density Seat
The Dual Density Seat offers two regions of differing foam density separated by a split allowing the different contact areas of the body to distribute pressure evenly across the seat. Reducing Pressure build up, aiding in posture correction and leading to a more comfortable seating experience.

Additional Lumbar support and Lateral support, with a layer of High Density Moulding Memory Foam

High Density Dual Density Split moulded foam with Waterfall Design

Heavy Duty 3 Lever independent tilt mechansim with Racthet back adjustment

Seat Height Range
Standard Gas Lift     450mm – 610mm
Low Gas Lift             390mm – 490mm
High Gas Lift            500mm – 700mm

Back Size
410mm W x 410mm H

Seat Sizes
DUO Standard       510mm W x 470mm D
DUO Large             520mm W x 500mm D
DUO Extra Large    550mm W x 520mm D

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