Integ Apollo4 Single Monitor Arm

Integ apollo4single Monitor Armnteg Apollo Mount Quick ReleaseInteg Apollo4 Pole-CapInteg Apollo4_pole_heightsInteg Apollo4 Monitor Arm SlotsInteg Apollo_Keyboard_ArmInteg Apollo4 with Laptop TrayInteg-Apollo4-Screen-plus-Laptop-Tray
Integ apollo4single Monitor Arm
nteg Apollo Mount Quick Release
Integ Apollo4 Pole-Cap
Integ Apollo4_pole_heights
Integ Apollo4 Monitor Arm Slots
Integ Apollo_Keyboard_Arm
Integ Apollo4 with Laptop Tray

The Integ Apollo4 Single monitor arm is highly adaptable and you can build your own specification of Monitor Arm from the Modular parts. The Upright Pole comes in different heights to suit different users and you can add optional Accessories and Monitor arms.


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The Integ Apollo4 Classic monitor arm is highly adaptable and you can build your own specification of Monitor Arm from the Modular parts. The Upright Pole has four individual  Slots for mounting and comes in different heights to cater for different Work Environments.

The Apollo4 Classic’s four slots allow for additional accessories such as, tablets, laptop mounts, phone trays,  and multiple monitor arms. Modification are simple and easy with the supplied Allen key.

Quick and so easy to adjust the Integ Apollo Monitor arm is adaptable to your bodys requirements, decreasing the risk of neck and back related injuries.

No fuss, simple cable management
The Apollo slot system can handle multiple configurations, and easily manages computer cables to provide a simple clean & tidy with cabling clipped securely into place.

Quick release or 360 Degree Motion
The standard quick release VESA plate allows movement in 90 degree increments and means the monitor can be removed in seconds.

Users can also choose a 360 VESA plate, ideal if you are regularly moving between landscape and portrait views. This option provides infinite movement between 0-360 degrees – either of these options can be retro-fitted using the supplied Allen key.

Easy to adjust
The finger friendly adjustable knob combining with the adjustable wedge connecting the arms to the slot, measn you can easily adjust the vertical height of the monitor arm.

Precision movement
Apollo arm moves vertically and horizontally, allowing precise adjustment for users without affecting the lateral movement. The range of vertical adjustment varies with each model by selecting pole height and can be made to suit individual applications or market requirements.

Integ’s unique slot
The Apollo Monitor arm features the unique Integ slot that provides a range of height adjustment and provides the freedom to mount a multitude of solutions depending on the customers needs.


Die-cast / powder coated zinc, aluminum alloy and steel components
Easily add more monitor arms for a second screen or laptops
Handle loads of up to 12kg with a maximum 25kg for the pole
145 degree vertical monitor tilt and 180 degree horizontal rotation and pivot
5 year warranty

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