KAB Controller Chair

KAB Controller Chair

The KAB Controller is a robust 24 hour chair for primary use in surveillance, control stations and emergency services departments. In fact, it is used by the police force, ambulance departments, etc Australia wide.


  • Our KAB chairs are Australian Made and Built Tough! Rated Heavy Duty for 24/7 use, these chairs are built to survive our rugged Australian office conditions.
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24/7: designed to withstand extended use of 24 hours a day x 7 days a week. The chairs also incorporate an extensive range of adjustment features to enable users to customise their seat position to suit themselves. This makes the office chair perfect for 24/7 shiftwork environments where multiple users use the same chair

Backrest recline adjustment
Tilt-lock mechanism
Height riser mechanisms.
Single air lumbar support
Body contoured cushions.
Height and Tilt adjustable headrest
Tip-up & swivel down armrests so that you can move them out of your way or make them fit comfortably under your desk.

No matter what your build, the combination of these features will enable you to completely customize this chair to suit your individual comfort and support needs

Ergonomic Support: The way you sit at work is important as poor postural patterns during seated work tasks may be associated with physical discomfort, fatigue and injury. KAB Office Chairs incorporate a variety of adjustments that are specifically designed to allow you to maintain correct sitting posture and enjoy ideal support and comfort. Each chair has been engineered to exacting standards to ensure the stresses and strains placed on the body through incorrect seating is avoided.

Air Lumbar Support: optimum lower dorsal support provided by infinite air lumbar inflation and deflation through the use of a hand pump.

Backrest Recline: 16 degree back angle adjustment for customized comfort and optimum ergonomic support.

Tilt-lock Mechanism: offers easy rocker tension adjustment and incorporates an ‘anti-kick’ safety system. This makes KAB seats suitable for use by multiple users in shiftwork environments. This mechanism also allows you to lock your chair into a range of tilted positions for customized comfort.

Height Riser: allows for easy seat height adjustment between 460mm and 560mm.

The KAB Seating range of 24/7 office chairs is warranted under the Manufacturers Warranty as follows:
1. Office chair components:
 The frame is guaranteed for 5 years
 All other components are guaranteed for 2 years
2. Office chair accessories:
 All KAB accessories are guaranteed for 2 years
3. Office chair spare parts:
 All KAB spare parts are guaranteed for 2 years
These warranty periods are applicable to all users up to a weight of 200Kg. Where the
users’ weight exceeds 200Kg the warranty is null and void.

Seat Base Depth: 490mm
Seat Height: 460 – 560mm
Back Rest Height: 940mm
Back Rest Width: 530mm

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