Kensington Smartfit Mouse Pad Wristrest



The Kensington Smartfit Mouse Pad uses the SmartFit System to let you measure your hand size and adjust and fit the mouse pad to find your ideal comfort colour/height setting. Select the height adjustable inserts for your hand size and you are ready to go, with the wrist at the correct angle for comfortable clicking, scrolling and mouse use. The cool and comfortable Gel wrist pad provides a pressure relieving surface that conforms to your wrist shape. The Non-skid base keeps the wrist rest firmly in place and with a Anti-microbial surface coating to resists stains and odours you can keep on mousing worry-free!



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Resting your wrist on a soft, cushioned surface while you click and scroll with your mouse may seem comfortable, but improper positioning can cause discomfort over time. The SmartFit® Mouse Pad not only provides a comfortable gel support, it also allows you to customise and adjust the height of the rest so your wrist is at a neutral angle. An anti-microbial surface resists stains and odours and the non-skid base provides great stability.

SmartFit® System

Allows you to select your personal height setting using the colour-coded fitting chart so you can work with your mouse for extended periods in optimal comfort

Height Adjustable Inserts

Stack the coloured inserts up to your comfort colour to help set you wrist at the correct angle while using your mouse in order to avoid injury and work in better comfort

Gel Wrist Pad

The cool, soft cushioning adapts to the natural curves of your wrists for premium comfort and support while you’re scrolling and clicking, taking pressure off your joints which is especially important during extended periods of usage

Anti-Microbial Surface

Resists stains and odors for a worry-free work area

Non-Skid Base

Keeps the wrist rest firmly in place, providing important stability so the mouse pad won’t slide around while you’re trying to be productive

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