Profim Accis Pro Black Executive Chair

Profim Accis Pro Executive Mesh ChairProfim Accis Pro Executive Mesh ChairProfim Accis Pro Executive Mesh ChairProfim Accis Pro Executive Mesh ChairProfim Accis Pro Black Executive Chair
Profim Accis Pro Executive Mesh Chair
Profim Accis Pro Executive Mesh Chair
Profim Accis Pro Executive Mesh Chair
Profim Accis Pro Executive Mesh Chair
Profim Accis Pro Black Executive Chair

The Profim AccisPro Executive Mesh Chair is a superb example of the trend towards "active seating".

The seat and backrest adapt to the user's body movements, allowing for forwards, backwards and sideways movement, while maintaining full support. The purpose is not to burden the spine.

European Design by: ITO Design studio.



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Profim Accis Pro Executive Mesh Chair:
Standard in Black Trim, Black Mesh, Black Fabric Seat:
Adjustable Height Arms, Adjustable Lumbar Support, Synchro movement mechanism.

AccisPro is a technologically thoughtful product from the design stage. Design is not everything – smart solutions are important, as well. Independent movement of the seat and backrest is a unique feature. It is enabled by the innovative and patented SmartHPS system. The side-movement of the backrest is possible thanks to the system of sphere joints connecting the backrest with mechanism. The backrest is equipped with a special composite rod working as a classic spring, which allows the backrest to return to its basic position. The movement of the seat is possible thanks to the sphere-joint mounted in the central part of the seat. We made sure that the user could move sideways, but at the same time felt stable. The side movement function of the seat can be locked. The chair is equipped with a synchro mechanism (with additional functions of sliding the seat and forward seat tilt).

AccisPro also means safety of use. We took care of it by designing so that the gaps between the moving elements were no wider than 5 mm. Where this was not possible, we used special covers.
Armrests are important element of the product. Thanks to the up-down, forward-backward, side-to-side and rotation adjustments, you can easily provide perfect support for your forearms.

AccisPro does not restrict the user – it follows his movements. Move. Change positions. Sit actively!

The chair follows your body movements.

This is unique because it supports your spine, not just while you relax but also when you move. This is what we call “active seating”. When you want to reach for something, or make an involuntary movement, Accis Pro adjusts to your posture. It moves in tune with your body.

For you to feel stable and comfortable while using the chair.

This was our goal.The distinctive feature of Accis Pro is the independent movement of the backrest, seat and armrests (Smart HPS system). You can, for example, recline back and lean sideways at the same time, to reach a low cabinet or something on the floor. You can sway, activating your back and hips, as the backrest and seat work independently.

This is also the case with the armrests. They sup-port you during involuntary movements, but they also work separately. You can position them to suit your forearms thanks to the full adjustment option (up-down, forward-backward, side-to-side and rotation).

A light and elegant form, one that perfectly blends into modern office spaces, without dominating the other furniture.

We believe that technologically advanced chairs do not have to resemble racing seats. Even the adjusters can be light, without dominating the whole design. Our armchair is distinguished by its beautiful backrest profile and lightweight mesh fabric. Even when you use many Accis Pro chairs close together, the space remains open and clear.

AccisPro is well-considered, right from the design stage.

Side movement of the backrest is achieved by a system of sphere-joints connected to the chair mechanism. The backrest returns to its original position thanks to a special composite rod that acts as a classic spring.

The frame is partly constructed of an elastic mate-rial, so that the backrest does not pinch you in the back when you move sideways. Movement of the seat is possible thanks to the sphere-joint in the central part of the seat.

Accis Pro means safety.

We make great efforts to ensure your safety, designing the chair to ensure that none of the gaps between the moving parts are wider than 5 mm. Whenever this is not possible, we use special covers.

Overall Height:   1030mm – 1160mm
Overall Width:      720mm
Overall Depth:      720mm
Seat Width:           470mm
Seat Depth:          410mm – 470mm
Back Width:          470mm
Back Height:         650mm
Seat Height:          430mm– 560mm

Profim Accis Pro Black Executive Chair

product versions

150SFL – swivel, mesh backrest, Synchro mechanism, sliding seat, seat forward tilit, seat side-movement function


Synchro SFL – SL mechanism with function of additional seat / backrest tilt. The synchro mechanism can be locked in one of four positions.


Five-star base.
black (plastic)


P63PU – height adjustable armrest (range 100 mm), sliding pad (+/- 50 mm) with span option (+/- 27 mm), and pivot option (+/- 27°), polyurethane pad.

gas lift

Gaslift with shock absorber as standard.
Gaslift cover – always in base colour.


soft castors (for hard floors) – black.


Black plastic cover; cold molded foam – density 75 kg/m3.


Mesh backrest (frame made of polyamide with glass fibre)
Enabling free air circulation while sitting.

Mesh types: Runner

Option: height adjustable lumbar support with 2-stage depth adjustment

net weight

150SFL – 18,0 kg

gross weight

150SFL – 21,0 kg

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