Profim Light up Grey Mesh Executive Chair

Profim Light Up Grey Executive Mesh ChairProfim Light up Grey Mesh Task ChairProfim Light up Grey Mesh Task Chair
Profim Light Up Grey Executive Mesh Chair
Profim Light up Grey Mesh Task Chair
Profim Light up Grey Mesh Task Chair

Light Up Grey is a modern swivel chair with an upgraded multi adjustable Lumbar Support. A perfect solution for those seeking a highly adjustable, ergonomic movement based chair.

Light Up Grey features Grey Mesh Backrest, Grey Fabric Seat, Grey Trim, a Synchro Mechanism, height adjustable armrests and height adjustable Lumbar Support.



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The Profim Light Up’s mesh backrest is extremely flexible, and the use of breathable, high-quality mesh provides an additional advantage: air circulation.

The most surprising feature of the new edition of the LightUp collection is the fundamental change in its colour palette. The existing office-like, traditional, black plastic parts have been replaced with a light grey colour, giving the chairs a new, softer character. This is a response to a popular trend in office interiors to make them more cosy and ‘domestic’, by creating a more relaxed and creative workspace.

Our company works based on the concept of sustainable development. We operate in a responsible manner respecting the natural environment. LightUp is produced with the smallest possible amount of materials and components, allowing for easy recycling at the end of the life cycle. The chair is 95% recyclable. The chair is accredited with a Blue Angel certificate, one of the oldest Eco certificates confirming that the chair is environmentally friendly.


Ergonomics + LightUp:
While working at a desk, we are in constant motion, even though this might seem contradictory. We shift our position and adjust the pressure exerted on the backrest. It is important for the chair to react adequately to these changes, ensuring proper posture, removing pressure from the spine, providing comfort at work, and preventing distractions from the task at hand.

Spine support + work comfort:
LightUp has been designed to support the user during a long day of work. It boasts several innovative solutions that allow the user to adjust the chair to their individual needs. A crucial element of the chair is its thoughtfully designed, exceptional backrest whose shape naturally fits the curves of the spine.

Mesh backrest:
High tenacity elastic mesh is stretched across the frame to provide great flexibility, breathability and comfort at the same time.

Lumbar support:
To maximize back and pelvis support, lumbar can be easily height and depth adjusted.

Synchro Mechanism:
Synchronous seat and backrest movement gives the feeling of healthy support in every seating position. The tension can be adjusted to accommodate users of different sizes.

Adjustable armrests:
Thanks to height adjustable armrests there is possibility to find a natural position that comfortably supports the wrists and forearms. Armrests are equipped with soft pads.

Tilt force adjustment:
The weight adjustment feature is easy and quick to use – just a few turns of the control knob covers the complete weight range.

Seat height adjustment:
Adjusts the height of the seat with a simple pull of the lever.

Seat depth adjustment:
The sliding seat guarantees optimal legroom helping to improve blood circulation and avoid pins and needles (SL/SFL mechanism)

Comfort choice:
Can be easily toggled between two types of comfort: relaxed or supportive.

Overall Height:  960mm – 1110mm
Overall Width:   690mm
Overall Depth:   660mm
Seat Width:       480mm
Seat Depth:       440 – 500mm
Back Width:       470mm
Back Height:      550mm
Seat Height:      550mm

Profim Light up Grey Mesh Task Chair

Product Description:
Profim Light Up Grey 250SL – mesh backrest

Synchro SL – S mechanism with function of sliding seat. The synchro mechanism can be locked in one of five positions.

Five-star base:
Light grey  (plastic RAL 7047) – concerns SL, SFL mechanism and P61 PU armrest

LightUp  with light grey base all plastic elements (seat cover, backrest frame, lumbar support, armrests, hanger) will be light grey as well.

P61PU – Height adjustable armrest (range 80 mm), polyurethane pad.

oft castors (for hard floors)
Light grey  (plastic RAL 7047)

Light grey plastic cover; deciduous plywood; cold molded foam – density 70 kg/m3.


Lumbar support:
Type B – height and depth adjustable

Net Weight:
250SL  – 16,0 kg

Gross Weight:
250SL  – 20,0 kg

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