Sit to Stand installations by Seated, Kangaroo & Mid Weight Electric Desk

Kangaroo Sit to Stand Desk @ Macquarie University

Macquarie Uni Kangaroo Install AMacquarie Uni Kangaroo Install BAMacquarie Uni Kangaroo Install CA

A Staff member had constructed their own standing work station to relive back pain.

They needed to be able to maintain the same computer set up in a limited space and add the convenience of being able to adjust from a sitting to standing position.

The Kangaroo was selected as it maintained the original desk height for sitting and was able to adjust to the users required standing height. The independent Monitor height Shelf adjustment suited the MAC screen.
The Desk was cleared and the Kangaroo installed on the Desk surface. The Screen and peripherals were placed on board and the Kangaroo was ready to go from Sit to Stand.

The user needed some extra space so we added a Side Extension to the Left. Note the Kangaroo comes with a stabilizer so that the working shelf is absolutely stable when working.

Macquarie Uni Kangaroo Install EAMacquarie Uni Kangaroo Install GA

Kangaroo Sit to Stand Workstation

Mid Weight Electric Desk @ Lendlease

Lend Lease Sit to Stand Mid Weight 501-29 AA Lend Lease Sit to Stand Mid Weight 501-29 CA Lend Lease Sit to Stand Mid Weight 501-29 DA

An existing L Shaped Desk was required to have a section converted to Sit to Stand. The Mid Weight 501-29 complete rectangular electric desk was selected with Polar White worktop. First the existing desk was dismantled and the return was converted to freestanding. The Sit to stand desk was constructed and placed in relation to the return, the existing modesty panel was attached to the sit to stand desk to maintain continuity throughout the office space.

Mid Weight Electric Sit Stand Desk

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