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Types of Home Office Furniture – Our Top 5 Picks

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Chairs for the Home Office should be selected with the size of the user and workspace in mind and how the chair is going to be used. An ergonomic chair with independent tilts will lock the user in an upright position while working. Movement based chairs with synchro or swing mechanism will allow the user to move between upright and laid back postures. An upholstered chair will give great lumbar and back support, while a mesh chair will allow for airflow to keep the user fresh.

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Ergonomic accessories for the home office are generally the same as in your work environment, what works in the work office should also help you at home. Ergonomic Mice and Keyboards can help minimise symptoms of wrist, forearm and shoulder issues and overuse injuries of the thumb and fingers (clicking and scrolling). Mouse pads and wrist supports can add support and comfort to pressure injuries, while footrests can help the seated user adjust to a higher sitting height. Monitor and Laptop risers and monitor arms all help adjust screens to a comfortable height for the user while avoiding downward head tilt and “turtle neck” posture.

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Do you have room in your home office for an electric standing desk? Or do you want to convert your existing fixed desk to sit to stand, by adding a sit on top standing desk converter? You need to choose the option that suits your home office space and existing furniture and technology. If choosing an electric desk, make sure to check the number of motors, the adjustable height range (min to max), the speed of motion and decibel (noise) rating. Your desk should have a 10 year warranty that includes electrics. If choosing a sit on top convertor, check to see if the screen is freestanding or is Vesa mount attached, is it easily height adjustable or fixed? Do you want a drop down keyboard platform? Or a flat surface with more forearm support? Does the work-surface height lock in place, or only tension adjustable? Is there room for your Keyboard and mouse?

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When choosing a desk for home, the 3 most important factors, are size of the work-surface, height of the work-surface, and style of the desk. You want to make sure the desk fits in the space and suits the user or multiple users. The work-surface size is how large the desk will be, rectangular desks run from 800mm wide to 2400mm wide, with the most common sizes being 1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm wide. The depth of the desk is how deep the work-surface is, usually between 600mm and 900mm deep. Shorter desk depths are great for small spaces, and use with flat screens and laptops, deeper desk have more room for forearm support and room for all your technological peripherals. If multiple users of various heights are using the desk, a height adjustable desk should be considered, either manual or electric. If fixed make sure the height suits the user, or has an adjustable height range with leveling feet. Most users sit between 680mm and 720mm, some users can sit as low as 620mm and taller users up to 760mm.

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Home Office storage can be neat and simple, from under desk mobile pedestals to bookcases and tambour units. The units should be measured and sized to fit in to your home office space, with selection of colours to match your home decor. Do you want your storage to stand out, to blend into the background, or be hidden from view?

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With people working longer hours from the home, the luxury home office market is growing every year. You can now create custom designed chairs so your chair can be unique to you and suit your home decor. Buyers want the most prestigious brands in seating and often turn to Herman Miller chairs and executive chair ranges. Accessories for the luxury home office should be well thought out, with attention to detail and design always considered, you can’t go wrong with world renown Humanscale products. Special consideration should be paid to the often-overlooked world of task lighting, lighting can set the tone and ambience of the workspace and should not be forgotten when designing your luxurious home office space.

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The smaller home office can still be modern and luxurious, with space being the major factor of the office layout and design. Smaller size single desks and shorter desk depths of 600mm are often used in conjunction with Monitor Arms to mount Flat Screens and Panel Displays to maximise the use of desk space. With less desk space available the ergonomic layout for the actual work area is vital and use of a compact Keyboard and ergonomic mouse, will help improve ergonomic posture and save space.

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Products for the modern home office are recognised to be bright, funky, stylish up to date versions of your everyday office equipment. The Modern home office features the latest release, sit to stand products, height adjustable desks and intelligent movement base seating like the RH and Hag chair ranges. With new larger Flat Screen and panel display technology the best single or dual Monitor Arm has become an essential part of the modern home office.

Home Office Facts

Where can I buy Home Office Furniture?
Seated can provide all your home office furniture needs, from small task based chairs to large executive luxury seating. Proudly made in Australia or some of the most famous names in office design from Europe, the Americas and Scandinavia.

What is Ergonomic Office Furniture?
The title ergonomic normally comes to mind when thinking of chair design and office accessories. It can also be used to define furniture such as desking and storage. In Australia ergonomic furniture must also meet criteria set in the Australian Standards for each furniture type. Items should be designed with the safety of the user in mind to minimise risk of injury with normal useage and should allow for full adjustability to allow the user to maintain the optimum ergonomic posture while working.

How Office Furniture affects productivity.
Office Furniture directly impacts the user with a direct correlation to productivity. Ergonomic Furniture such as Chairs and Desks are generally more adjustable, and allow the user to work, sit or stand in a comfortable posture. With increased comfort and decreased risk of injury, the user is more satisfied and content in the workplace whether at home or in the office. This increased comfort and contentment leads to a positive and healthy body and mindset that results in an increase of productivity and output while working.