Capisco Saddle

Capisco Saddle
Capisco Saddle
Capisco Saddle
Capisco Saddle

The HÅG Capisco design inspiration came from the horseman’s saddle and upright riding posture. A rider must be actively adjusting in motion to remain balanced in the saddle. When working whilst seated on a HÅG Capisco, you’ll notice a greater freedom of movement, postural variation and unique new sitting positions.


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SKU: 8105.

The award-winning Capisco Saddle design fits into creative environments, work rooms and any other space where you want to be supported and work and move in a different way. Wildly popular with dentists and surgeons and others who work in semi-standing positions, the Saddle is unique an can be used back-to-front so that the back panel supports the chest in a prone position.

The HÅG Capisco Saddle is designed for multi height use as high or low as desired. It can be adjusted from a normal table height to semi-standing position at a touch of the lever.

Experience the numerous benefits of this unique sitting solution


Easy adjustment of chair
• Seat height adjustment – from normal sitting height to a semi-standing
• Seat depth and back height adjustment (not available for 8105)
• Adjustable backwards tilt tension (not available for 8105)
The unique saddle seat with BalancedMovementMechanismTM
• The shape of the seat and mechanism allows you to sit in balance and
to easily move forwards and backwards
• Inspires movement and new sitting positions – forwards, sideways or
• Gives you an upright sitting posture and a natural curvature in your
lower back
Headrest on models 8107 & 8127
• Gives you rest and support for shoulders, neck and head
• The gap between the chair’s back and the headrest allows more
freedom of movement
10 years guarantee
Lifetime guarantee on gas lift
• ISO 14025 EPD – unbeatable low emissions of 36 kg. CO2 equivalents
• GREENGUARD certificate – ensures the chair is free of hazardous
• Green electricity certificates
HÅG’s quality system is approved according to NS-ISO 9001. We were the first office chair manufacturer to become ISO 14001 certified, EMAS registered
and to receive ISO 14025-based environmental declarations for our chairs. HÅG office chairs are tested in accordance to EN 1335 Class A. For more
detailed information please contact your HÅG dealer or visit our web:

Back height:  440mm
Seat depth:  370-460mm
Seat width:  490mm
Footrest diameter:  700mm

Seat height:
Low strut:  510-550mm
Med strut:  485-660mm
High strut:  570-810mm

Height of foremost support point on back piece and adjustment interval – 170mm -260mm
Height of foremost support point on headrests – 560mm -780mm

To order your capisco in Vinyl contact us throuhgh the quick quote form,Vinyl Colours


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