Contour Unimouse Wired




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UniMouse Wired

Left Handed, Right Handed

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Unimouse is the latest technology from Contour Design. One of the most adjustable and comfortable mouses to date - welcome to the future of mousing.

The ability to vary postures is one of the foundations of good ergonomics. This is why the Unimouse has been designed so that the user can explore its 4 friction-based points of articulation to find their own unique comfort.
Contour Unimouse allows you to effortlessly and immediately switch postures while mousing which gives the user the ability to engage different muscles and tendons which avoids prolonged use in problematic fixed, static positions.

Physio Tip: Try one of the most adjustable Mice in the world, created to fit any hand and with the most adjustable Thumb position allowing for size, width and thumb rotation.

Unimouse_Thumb_Support Unimouse_Thumb_Support_Ext Unimouse_Thumb_Support_Rotation Unimouse_Tilt