Elevar Toro Standing Mat


The Elevar Toro Standing Mat is designed for the environmentally friendly office. Its easy to clean, comes ready to use without the manufactured ‘rubber’ smell that some other standing mats can have.



SKU: FM-0001.

The Elevar Toro Standing Mat is made of single cut 100% polyurethane specifically designed for durability, strength and longevity.

The Toro doesn’t  curl at the edges and is tear and scuff resistant. Designed for use with high heels, even Jimmy Choo’s won’t leave a permanent imprint!

Soft standing Mats will feel comfortable to begin with, but offer no support to the user during standing for any more than a short period of time. The Toro is designed from a high density 300kg/m³ polyurethane, and this provides comfort and support as well as encouraging movement while standing and increased metabolism.

The bevelled edge is designed to reduce trip hazards in the work environment and the non-slip bottom keeps the Toro in place during use. The solid, high density construction will give years of continuous support.

Manufacturers 12 month warranty.
Available in black.



Elevar Toro Standing Mat
900mm x 600mm

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