Project: Qantas Airport Control Room – Heavy Duty Sit to Stand + Seating

Qantas was looking to update their Control room facilities. Staff were working long hours in shifts at seated work stations organizing the many planes and behind the scene jobs at the airport.

Qantas Electric Desk Install

The Seated “Workstanding” Team were called in to assess this  busy and dynamic workspace, to see if some of our custom built Electric Leg Sets could be utilized with the existing Desks. The Heavy Duty Electric Sit Stand Frame was selected as it had the lifting capacity for multiple Flat Screens and raised high enough for the taller members of staff. Duty Electric Desk

The Seated Install team visited outside of operational hours to set up the multiple workstations. Qantas staff can now quickly move between sitting and standing postures during their working day with fingertip control. Confident in the knowledge that the Heavy Duty Frame has a weight rating of 200KG, more than enough to handle the multiple monitors and peripheral devices in use.

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