Sit to Stand Installations by Seated Integ Apollo4 and Fly Weight Electric Desk


Fly Weight Electric Desk @ Lend Lease Sydney

Lend Lease Fly Weight Electric Sit to Stand Desk 501-15 1AThe Fly Weight Electric Sit Stand Desk was installed by Seated at Lend Lease.

The existing desk was part of a modular system. Seated dismantled the existing desk, assembelled the electric frame and reused the existing desk top to maintain cohesiveness of the office space.

The Fly Weight Desk was chosen due to its pricing and weight rating as only a laptop and Single Screen was used at this workstation by a user under 6′ tall. Weight Rating 70kg, Height movement of 660mm to 1180mm.
Fly Weight Sit Stand Electric Desk


Integ Apollo4 Sit Stand Arm @ Gilbert & Tobin
G + T Integ Apollo4 Sit to Stand Arm BAThis Mailroom terminal was used by multiple users, in a seated position. The staff wanted to be able to stand and also wanted to be able to move the Keyboard and mouse and screen independently so the terminal  could be used from different positions on the counterspace.

Seated provided and installed the Integ Apollo4 Sit Stand arm with the Blade Monitor Fitting. This enables the users to swivel the Keyboard Arm and monitor to various positions on the counter. The monitor is height adjustable by fingertip control, tiltable and 360 degrees rotatable from portrait to landscape.

With the use of different height mounting poles, and an impressive 4 mounts per pole allowing for up to 4 arms or accessories to be added the Integ Apollo4 can be custom built for your needs.





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