How High should I Sit? How High should my Sit Stand Desk be?

The most common inquiry I have when setting up a chair for a client is, “how high should I sit?” Now that “Seated” is constantly working with Sit to Stand Desking my next most common question is, “how high should my sit stand working surface be?” Let’s answer these 2 questions here.

The height of your work surface is actually determined by the height of your elbows, whether in standing or sitting postures. With the shoulders relaxed (without any hitching) the elbows should be positioned slightly above the work surface with the elbows being at just over a 90 degree angle when keying or writing. When keying on the Keyboard the wrists should be inline, or not in a “broken position” upward or downward at the wrist joint. The wrist should also be inline when using either a standard or vertical Mouse. (Evoluent Vertical Mice)

When seated to obtain this optimum position, begin with your feet flat on the floor and the chair adjusted to an appropriate height. If your desk is height adjustable now adjust the desk up or down until the work surface allows you to key with the wrists inline, elbows just over 90 degrees and the shoulders relaxed as explained above. If your desk is not height adjustable you will need to adjust the chair height up and down to obtain the right position. If you have to adjust the chair higher to get to the right height and this results in your feet being lifted off the floor you may require a footrest to maintain correct posture when seated. (Footrests) If your desk is very high and your chair cannot adjust high enough, your chair may need to be changed to one that can adjust higher or have a higher gas lift fitted.

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In standing the same principal of positioning from the elbow height applies, begin by standing with feet evenly spaced and body in a relaxed standing posture and then adjust your sit to stand desk or unit, to standing height.
Your desk may be Electric, wind up or manually height adjustable, or you may utilise an additional unit that may clamp too, or sit on top of, your existing desk. Begin in standing, with your feet flat on the floor and your weight evenly balanced. The desk height should be adjusted until the work surface allows you to key with the wrists inline, elbows just over 90 degrees and the shoulders relaxed as explained above. (Electric Sit Stand Desk), (Ergotron Workfit Units), (Kangaroo)

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In standing avoid leaning postures, your footwear is of more importance when standing and many users opt for a flatter heel. Some users prefer walking or supportive sport shoes to work shoes while working in a standing posture.
If your office allows for it, some users prefer working in standing postures bare foot, the addition of a stimulating Standing mat to ease leg fatigue when standing is sometimes advisable. (Seated Standing Bubble Mat), (Ergotron Workfit Floor Mat)

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