Humanscale FR300 Ergonomic Footrest / Foot Rocker


humanscale Footrocker Footrest
humanscale Footrocker Footrest
SKU: FR300.

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More than just a foot rest - The Humanscale FR300 Foot rocker gets feet moving for health and comfort with its unique rocking function. The FM300B, with their ball bearing rollers, encourage gentle rocking of the feet in the same way a rocking chair encourages movement.


Offering relief from prolonged, static sitting by encouraging gentle rocking of the feet, it engages the lower leg muscles to increase healthy circulation.


Designed to be the perfect accessory to an ergonomic work environment, the FR300 Footrest enhances the experience of the ergonomic workstation.

Durable Construction

With a platform built from solid hardwood and phenolic side supports, the FR300 Foot Rocker Footrest incorporates thoughtful design considerations into a timeless aesthetic.