Score 959 HighRise Footrest

Score 959 HighRise Footrest
Score 959 HighRise Footrest
Score 959 HighRise Footrest
Score 959 HighRise Footrest

The Score 959 Footrest is a specialised Heavy Duty high rise Footrest, great for use at high benches or for workers that require a higher level of foot support than usual. The footrest is height adjustable and can be operated with the feet, meaning users do not have to bend down to adjust, and can adjust the footrest while seated.



SKU: S959.


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The Score 959 Hi-Rise Pro Footrest is constructed of heavy duty steel. The footrest  provides a higher footplate then standard rising up to 370mm, adjusting through 26 levels, and ensures users have a solid reliable adjustable foot support to assist in reducing leg and muscle fatigue while seated.

Score 959 was designed for use at benches, laboratory tables or any elevated desk or work space and it is also suited for workers at regular desk height requiring a higher than normal foot support.

The Score 959 Hi-Rise Footrest is fully adjustable in both height and angle for greater user comfort and foot support. The 959 has 26 height levels, which can be easily adjusted through while the user is seated, the footrest is controlled by the feet rather than adjusted by hand which means the user does not need to bend down to adjust.

Height adjustment: 95mm-370mm
Foot plate dimensions: 490mm wide x 400mm deep
Footrest total dimensions: 520mm wide x 420mm deep
Angle Adjustment: 0-20 degrees

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