Z-Rest Half Footrest


This ergonomic footrest is the easy and economical way to ensure that office personnel sit comfortably all day every day. The Z-Rest™ is very easy to adjust and will promote good blood circulation, minimise joint and ligament damage and alleviate back strain.




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Z-Rest™, together with a suitably adjustable chair, will provide the two adjustable surfaces required to create an ergonomically acceptable workstation.

Z-Rest™ greatest advantage is its ease of operation, enabling the user/s to make required adjustments from day to day in a matter of seconds whilst seated.

This is an extremely important feature – if adjustment of a footrest is difficult, the user will not bother to make any alteration, therefore nullifying its effectiveness.

Height from floor: 50mm front edge + selected angle raises rear of footrest

Australian Designed and Owned
New sturdy aluminium construction
Highly durable anodised finish
Sleek Modern styling
Marine grade Carpet or Studded rubber treads
angle adjustment 0 to 36 degrees
Easy adjustment without leaving your seat
Height from floor: 50mm front edge + selected angle raises rear of footrest
Dimensions: W465mm x D325mm (custom fit width available)

Place your Z-Rest™ with the top join facing towards you. The open end should face away from you. This will give you the support.
Raise back of top platform to desired angle.
Raise front of top platform to desired height.

Z Rest

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